Welcome to AlanQuits

AlanQuits is a personal webpage with two goals:
  1. Increase the amount of free, quality content on the web
  2. Broadcast to the world things that are of interest to me

There are too many sites on the web littered with ads. These sites are distracting and sometimes unusable by slower devices. Ads will not appear on this site (with the exception of some videos hosted on YouTube).

About Me

I currently reside in Colorado and work for an environmental consulting firm. I enjoy programming languages, music, and traveling.

Why AlanQuits?

My name is Alan—that bit is probably obvious. "Quits" is a suffix I lovingly stole from my fiancee who uses it as an abbreviated version of her surname. It also happens to describe my tendancy to not complete projects I have started. My hope is that alanquits.com will give me motivation to finish content that I might otherwise abandon.